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Saturday, August 30, 2003


Okay, so yesterday was the dance. There were several important observations, including the fact that they played the LIZZIE MCGUIRE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST MOMENT OF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND NOAM MISSED IT !!!!!!!!!

Hey now, hey now
this is what dreams are made of!!!!!!!!


Okay, more observations:

Now that we're like upperclassmen-ish, if you talk to subbies, even the preppy ones, they STOP. Just say their name, they stop, and stare at you. It's like, whoa dude, power. It's hilarious. We couldn't do that last year, now we're old. Ha. Okay that was entertaining.

Next observation: Dan hedin brought some central people to the dance and one of them came up to me in a really preppy voice and said, "hi I'm your new PE teacher!" and I just stuck my face in theirs and said, "HUH?" Then they said, "nevermind.." and walked away. That was kinda weird.

Oooh and a quote from tanya (i think that's her name): "It's water." said after tasting whatever was coming out of the cooler.

Oh yeah, and my shoes looked really cool in the blacklight. And my underwear glowed. I know that you needed to know that.

Doodedo, nothing else really except finding out who everyone likes (ooh, excitement) and the fact that now people have "dibs" on each other, which disturbs me. Uh. Eek. RaR?!?!?!

I promised you guys pictures of the tree spirit dudes (kodama I guess) and they're wickedly awesome. The other thing is that I want this as my pet.

The tree dudes vaguely the guy in the Japanese book who is so wickedly awesome.

Okay, I find it really really amusing that someone got to this page from typing "gordo lizzie mcguire porn" because we know that's what I have so much of! It's hilarious that people are searching for these things. Hahahahaha.

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