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Monday, September 01, 2003

...why do anything?...

Yesterday I felt unproductive above most unproductiveness. Basically all day I did... absolutely nothing. What DID I do? No one even knows. I went to my dad's office with my brother to help him scan in stuff, which I was not very helpful for. I ate lunch. I came home and I did random procrastinating type stuff, online, drawing sorta is productive but it was kind of stupid too... then I watched Lizzie McGuire (huge surprise there... it was where Matt and Lizzie's teachers fall in love... or something...)

See how exciting my life is? Don't you just wish you were there with me? Not exactly. I came up with a really stupid idea for my english story. The only thing is that I hope people get it. Perhaps I should make it obvious.

Rainyrainyrainy. It doesn't bother me except when attempting to move from one location to another, involving stepping outside. In fact, it rather sucks because then you get all cold and damp and icky and stuff.

This was a meaningful post. Time for breakfast.

mo posted at 9:50 AM.