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Thursday, September 04, 2003

...breathing is required...

yesterday around lunchtime, or 5th period, some people went to get Peaches lunch and us a "big basket" of fries at Zorbas. It's not a very big basket in the end, but anyway this accumulated a small crowd of leech people back at school ("give me frieeeeeeeees"). I was drinking my Evian (and yes, I know that's some prep's name in a movie, and that spelled backwards it's Naive). So I drank some water, and Peaches said something that was hilarious at the time. It was something like, "We need to buy a huge gun *insert gun model/name/thing here*. We all have lunch money, so we can pool it together to buy it." "Uh... Michael, it costs like 16,000 bucks." "Then we just need a few more people with lunch money!" I started laughing and water came out of my nose. I mean, at least it wasn't milk, but it was kinda gross. And of course it made me laugh even more, in which case it's rather difficult to breathe. I was also wearing a tshirt that said "breathe" on it.

Great story, huh? Didn't even involve Lizzie McGuire.

Update that does involve Lizzie:

someone got to my page by searching for "lizzie mcguire rape fanfic" hahahhaha

mo posted at 8:15 AM.