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Sunday, September 07, 2003


I don't get what's with this whole, "you're not allowed to eat in class" thing. I mean, especially english. We're either going to be reading something or discussing something, and there's no reason not to have food. In fact, people probably learn more when they aren't starving for calories. Plus, 7th period is like, the perfect time to eat. Or 8th, but I guess it doesn't really make sense to eat in chem. But english is just like, hello, we need food? That's my main complaint about the classes this year (besides the whole PE thing). I just don't get why we're not allowed to eat. I'd still pay attention, in fact I'll pay attention more probably, if I'm not hungry. I ate pretty much every day last year in English, which was awesome, because it was 8th period, and it's very painful if you haven't had food. I guess the only thing that saves me is that I eat breakfast later (1st period free), and lunch later (5th period free). But still. Food is important, and they're like, depriving us.

Oh yeah, and of course PE should be abolished and instead we should have snacktime or naptime or go-home-time or something. Duh.

mo posted at 11:49 AM.