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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

...arrr, i want me money...

yeah, that's what the pirates try to do with the archbishop's check. Anyhow....

I totally revoke my statement that the subbies are gross. In fact, the only subbies people had shown me were the gross preppy ones. Now that I have met the undeniably cool subbies, I realize that the jocky and preppy ones are just side characters.

Okay, besides all the people's little brothers and sisters, or people of my brother's class, there's a bunch of awesome ones. This one guy had a linux t-shirt (which means I automatically think he's rawkin cool)... his name's micah. But he uses debian. Anyhow, it was cool, and there's a subbie girl named eunice how, who was the one who looked at gimli on the TV and was like, "eww, he's not hot!" Anyway, her uni sn type thing is awesome. It's "how". And there was some other spiffericious subbie, I can't remember his name, but he was the dude who was elected one of the roll takers in orchestra.

Kangway needs to dye his leg hair blue. Yep, blue.

Anywayyyyyyyyyyz. I feel that I am suffering from lack of sleep because I went early today to try to get my history paper from mr vaughn (yep, the one we did LAST YEAR), only he forgot it! Ono! It's saddening. Hopefully tomorrow he will remember, but tomorrow I will be cast into the fires of hell (getting my braces tightened).

mo posted at 8:45 PM.