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Friday, September 19, 2003


Alright, today was the best holiday of the year: international talk like a pirate day. Oh wait, what about Halloween? Anyway, I heard part of the Dave Barry thing on NPR, and you can look at his links by going to his blog and stuff. Ooh, and of course the official site.

I brought my pirate stuff to school, it was popular. Arr....

Yo landlubbers, Peaches and I were coming up with prom themes, he thought of some great ones. Okay, so you konw how you plan the prom for the year that's ahead of you? A great prom theme would be:

our class. with posters of our smiling faces plastered everywhere.

Another great one:

mass murder.

and the last one:

premarital sex.

think of the possibilities, especially for decorations!

Stupid people coming up with boring prom themes. Also, Noh should be the prom theme (non o-gender human), because he's awesome.


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