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Saturday, September 20, 2003 hearties...

Okay guys, tonight was Ariana's party. Loads of fun, especially the bonfire, burning all the EVIL things from subbie year, and beyond. Muahahahahhaa. I think it's funny that as our tribunal dance, we did the hokey pokey. The fire was nice, and it's fun to set things on fire, although my hair now smells like smoke. We also burned Grapes of Wrath (muahaha) but after like, 10 minutes of burning, we poked it to reveal a still read-able page. God that book was long. Too bad, we couldn't burn Fahrenheit 451, which is always perfect for book burnings, even though it was a good book, the topic, duh.

The handbook...tardy policy...abscence policy...PDA... apparently you are only allowed to leave for a funeral if you have written proof that you are there. ????

We chanted "burn" over and over, but as Cordelia pointed out, that sounded really creepy.

I found two more prom themes online:

Dreaming the Night Away... and Waking Up Pregnant and Your Life Completely Ruined


Up, Up, and Away... to Community College, and Then It's Back to Hardee's for the Rest of Your Godforsaken Life

Sound like fun, right?

npr thing, find dave barry, and some weird pirate rap

find the one that says "tokyo's subway sounds", it's kind of scary.

yaaaaaaaaaay no more.

It's always fun to discover new and important things about the Japanese language. For example, that in our vocabulary we learn how to say "guns" and "drugs", but also in my dictionary, under the english "shh" (as in, hushing someone), the Japanese translation is more like shhhtsu, so it's really similar. I know it means the same thing since another one is "shizukani" which is also used to hush... ooh, and also, in the book, the word for cheating, if you sound it out, is really just the english word, "cunning".

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