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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

...and again...

Going soon to pages.

Personally, I'm pretty sure I got like a, 2/7 on that english quiz, which even for me is not very good. Haha. Or 2/8, i dunno what i was. I even reread the 2 page scene, and still didn't find 2 important things we learned. That and I had no recollection of the details that Bottom said (come on, I read it on Friday). Or what word he misused. Jeez. Luckily it seems that not many people did better than me.

Okay I'm back. We did ok. People actually came to support us though, it was so cool! Mr. Murphy was there, and Yuzi, and Emma, and TJ. The book of Far Side (and there's a second volume!)... and the wonderful mini books that are so useful like organic gardening, and dating for dummies. Yeppo yep.

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