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Sunday, October 05, 2003

...the singing eggplant of doom...

Yes, I never linked to it.. how sad:

singing eggplant.

This weekend has not been relax-ful. In fact, I spent 6 hours straight writing my history paper. But now it is written, so there. The amount of stuff we have to do is quite large, but I guess since I am able to do it, it's less than the amount of time that exists. In fact, I've even been online twice this weekend. Hooray.

I'm trying to print my beef thing for my locker. In color. Haha it could also be useful in my book talk. Or not.

Amirah and I determined that Inuyasha is a few fight scenes, with a few episodes of kagome and inuyasha looking cute in between each one. Which is why I most definitely have to see that, watching them flirt and all is the meaning of my existence.

sure, why don't you watch more idiotic animations!

another.... this time about harry potter...

the matrix... a parody! funny...

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