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Monday, October 06, 2003

...follow the white robot?...

I have to say that was a really friggin awesome fanfilm. The sequel isn't as good, but those people are just weird. Really weird. Like the dude who made "Return of Ganondorf" and "One Ring to Rule them All". So watching fanfilms is entertaining, especially since I actually had the time to be bored. It was quite relaxing. I guess writing the history paper was stressful, but it's amazing because I have FREE TIME. Frightening.

And thus, I am sitting alone, waiting for my dindin, because little mo needs her food at times. Not quite so alone actually, because I'm talking to Julie and Batia online at the moment. It seems that Julie has a REALLY long history paper. 6.5 pages single spaced. Mine is 5 double spaced. Jeez.

mo posted at 8:26 PM.