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Sunday, October 12, 2003

...floomf and avoidance...

It is distressing how little I have to complain about. In fact, probably less than I have had in my memory. School is actually good. The huge amounts of homework can get sort of bad, but once in a while there is less (like this weekend). In fact, I'm at a loss of what to do when there isnt' anything horribly wrong. I can always fall back on the horrors of PE though. Every day after fitness, I think one down, another 65 million to go.

I have been procrastinating in semi nonmoronic ways, like reading and uh... more reading. Unfortunately I was forced to miss Lizzie McGuire yesterday, but I got to eat chinese food, so it works out in the end. However the best combination would be Lizzie McGuire while eating chinese food. No... lizzie mcguire marathon! The only kind of marathon I like!

I was going to say something else, but now I forgot. How sad for you. I know you can't take it.

Remember guys, in Grease they dance awesomely, they go oo-aa-aa-oo-oo-aa-aa... dude that almost looks like a chemical bond because everyone knows oxygen double bonds with itself. Which reminds me that in PE on thursday or something we were going to play speedball and Roveiza was like, "let's share and make covalent bonds... like in chemistry" or something like that. It was entertaining. The chem book has awesome pictures, although my mother asks what's wrong with their eyes.

My number one guy is still Non-Ogender-Human though.

I wonder if I got the job as accountant for Batia and Tess' office. It has such a great location. There definitely should be a tour of it on the school website. wheeeeee.

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