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Monday, October 13, 2003

...the shade in chemistry...

Which max cannot seem to comprehend (nor robbie) and yet mr bergandine seems to have captivating control over. How interesting.

Today was IMEA. That was moderately entertaining. We watched the Lion King on the way there. And we analyzed it. Anti nazi subliminal messages, plus the fact that the buffalo could run down vertical cliffs, and the high psychotic baboon, and also... that lions mature while singing and walking across bridges. And when one of the lions jumps, "ooh, I can calculate the curve of that!" I found the bugs they were eating really cute. And how Scar represents Satan.

Interesting quote: "Granick IS cute" --Boyce

We also discussed how buses should have wings that are sharp and decapitate oncoming cars...

...and how the "steward button" on the bus should make a steward fall out of the ceiling, but it would really be a corpse since they ran out of food...

i need a 9 hour nap.

mo posted at 9:22 PM.