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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

...pop final exam...

I was actually there during first period today *gasp*... and I did my math homework and studied for chem with roveiza and josie. Interesting happenings 2nd period also, in Nihongo. Teaching sensei the phrase "wing it", in the context of tests and quizzes. She said she was going to tell the subbies, for their quiz, to wing it. Thank you Kangway for the wonderful vocabulary.

Fitness was possibly in the top 10 or 15 worst fitness days in history. I don't know why. Just because it was relays, and we had certain teachers who believe that our school doesn't have enough discipline (to comment on that, nathan can't make up his history test since he was on a family trip, and forgot to turn in an anticipated abscence form, making it unexcused and giving him a zero), plus the crappy weather did not brighten my day.

It's always exciting when you realize for the first time that "frootloops" is spelled wrong (thank you maciek.)

time for dindin, sorry i know you'll miss me and my magical halfway translating japanese skillz.

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