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Thursday, October 23, 2003


Yet again, in English, there have been many entertaining circumstances, such as the sheep with infectious diseases... and shakespeare trying to be funny but failing miserably, thus my misunderstood sarcasm.

Perhaps I'm becoming the "sarcastic one" again, which people don't seem to like. It's not like I'm bullying anyone. People just make huge deals about their little problems. Once in a while that's okay, but being obsessive is sort of weird. It seems that there's nothing to talk about in the morning, what fun. I made the discovery that my ears have somehow morphed in the past 6 months to make it so that my little earbud headphones magically stay in my ears for more than 20 seconds. I doubt I could run with them though.

My sonnet is fine the way it is: almost completely anapestic. Can't that be a strange new "mo-sonnet" or something because making things iambic is crappy, and anapestic sounds about 20 million times cooler anyway.

Finally, I got up early enough to listen to music. From the iPod of moness. Of course it means I can't hear any of the surroundings, such as calls for breakfast or something, but if I get to school on time, all will be good.

mo posted at 8:08 AM.