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Sunday, November 30, 2003


Lalala everyone's stressed out, like stuff is falling apart. I saw the movie Elf today. It was highly entertaining. Here's more movies that everyone has to see or else:

Peter Pan! Come on guys, it's Peter Pan. And Hook has an ANGULAR HOOK. It's so rawking.

Lord of the Rings, no explanation needed. I mean, come on, remember, "I WANT YOUR BOD"... Two Towers is addictive, I only hope that the third one is as good. It's really fun to watch LotR with subbies, just to let you know. I dunno if they can top Legolas skate/snow/surf-boarding down the stairs at the battle of Helms Deep though. Or gollum fighting with his alter-ego... that movie just had great scenes. I don't really remember the first one. And no, I don't know how every scene was shot (although almost everyone at my school does) and no, I have NOT READ THE BOOKS. And I don't intend to either, hahahaha. Because, the movies are long enough, and I applaud them for cutting things out. Instead of leaving all the boring stuff in. My brother is reading them, he says all they cut out of the first one was a huge part where Frodo and his peeps just sit at some inn and rest. GEE EXCITING! Editing is obviously what Tolkein needs. Now people are going to hunt me down and kill me, I suppose.

Pride & Prejudice C'mon... who can resist? I mean, after sitting through the five hour miniseries... they're making MORE! This one's modern though, should be entertaining.

cheaper by the dozen... um, yeah. HILARY DUFF MOVIE. Hahaha obviously I must see. I also read the book.

Shrek 2. Obviously.

Timeline because the book was so entertaining... sort of... and me and Angelina can watch together even though I don't remember the book except the part at the end when they send the bad guy back and it's the plague time and it's like MUAHAHAHAHA.

Does anyone else think this reminds you of anyone? Let's do that, people! Yay, getting into college movies! Like Orange County. Muahaha.

And there's a slew of like 3 million ben stiller movies that are coming out, that all look entertaining, but since there's so many I don't know what any of them are.

Enough with the movies, I need to update my quotes, says Angelina.

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