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Sunday, November 09, 2003

...backstage ditties...

Surprisingly enough I have had no time to post this week because of the plaaaaaaaaay. I changed that sun and moon with style. Actually, it was a lot harder than I expected because the sun's cord does not really fit in the outlet and that means I had to wrestle with it a bit. Enough compaining about my difficult life, because now it's over and no more of this for at least another month or so (assuming I help w/ studprod... perhaps there's more people to take care of, but there's also more people to take care of themselves, so i probably am not needed). Anyway, I was able to capture the horrible fright of "Happy" (Sasha) on my camera for... just to have I guess... rumor is that I'll be getting a digital camera at some soon point. Which would be freaking awesome. Although I'm not allowed to put my pics up here because of the infamous *internet stalkers*... perhaps if I take pictures of really non-location-specific things I can. For instance, the manhole covers here and their Neenah, WI labels.

I have several belated quotes:

"Ooh, look, it's air!" -- Claire

"Can I be retarded?? PLEASE???" --Rose

Cordelia: I can't find my sweater!
Sara: Cordelia, you're in a room full of CLOTHES! --(costume room)

And a new found quote from Hilary Duff's song, "So Yesterday": "If the light is off then it isn't on"

If she doesn't write these songs, how come they make it sound so much like she does?

Random brain firings, but Alisa made me very proud, by not standing for XC crap on the table. It said "rebel geese" painted on the makeup table, and she basically said that their shit can't be on our table, and we managed to scratch it out, leaving permanent scratch marks. This totally made my day.

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