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Tuesday, November 11, 2003, a gigantic waste of paper...

Doesn't it make much more sense to just like, have a website?

We have concluded that PE is the determining factor of how your day goes. Basically because it's in the morning and thus it sets the mood. Today, for instance, it was really crappy. Although I am interested in the fact that Hannah hates fitness so much. I don't see how XC is any different, but perhaps it is for at least her. So anyway, I was bad mood-ed during PE, so I was tired and whatnot in math (I don't think I've ever been fully attentive in that class, thanks to the energy drain of PE). Lunch is short, I was sleepy in orchestra, history, almost asleep in english, and then suddenly, I became perfectly attentive enough to take a chem test.

Jono came home with me because his parents were buying a car (???) but whatever. We looked for hott people in the Japanese book and found many sexy pictures of NOH, for all of you who understand that.

For some reason I find this highly entertaining

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