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Thursday, November 13, 2003


I don't understand anorexic people. Not about whether they're fat or not, if you asked me I would probably agree with them that they're fat. Which would make them feel nice and worse. Hehe. But anyway, I just don't get them because the idea is that food is the only thing they can control. What kind of losers are these people, to not realize the big other thing you can control: grudges. You can completely control whom you hate, what you hate, and why. It's way more fun than monitoring food too because... food tastes good and you need it for some healthy hatred. You can also control pretty much who hates you, and who likes you. And if you can't do that at all, then there's obviously something wrong with you and maybe you should just go and be anorexic and sit in a corner and die of a broken heart and malnutrition you fucking loser.

Wasn't that happy?

And remember, you don't need a spoon to eat a bagel. You just don't.

mo posted at 8:14 AM.