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Tuesday, November 18, 2003


I know it's a unit late, but all of my nihongo taking homies, here's a site: click on MEMEMEMEMME

Wonderful isn't it? Now if we could just get the name of the soap opera we're watching now.

I love how 3 of the daughters are indistinguishable. One of them is super-skanky, who steals money just in time to keep her boyfriend from going with some other girl. One is moderately skanky, who hangs out in high heels around bright red cars, not to be confused with the working-one, who does look remarkably similar to car-girl.

I don't think it's just that we can't tell azn's apart here in our caucasian society.

If you want proof, go rent the movie Center Stage. It's a good movie anyway, but watch it, and see if you can tell the blonde girls apart. There's also a few brunettes that I mixed up toward the beginning. The guys are more easily distinguishable than the women who look like clones, except for the ones who are not white. I seriously can't tell them apart at all.

Those are my comments, now it's time for my food.

mo posted at 8:24 AM.