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Sunday, November 23, 2003

...subbie drama...

There's just so much of it. Because they haven't worked out what's up and what's down yet. By this time, we know exactly who we hate and who we like... there's absolutely nothing interesting, especially since it's so small. Which is why new people are instantaneously popular like that. It's kind of sad how desperate for change we are.

Remember when Tom showed up, the intrigue and popularity, it was overwhelming. That was actually pretty fun, since everyone was trying to claim him to their group and whatnot. Better example, when Kangway came back from England. That was frightening, the Kangway obsession (though thoroughly entertaining), and then there's ariana, who mysteriously disappears (apparently not to farid's knowledge though) and then comes back and everyone goes, "I missed you soooo much!!!!" LYLAS. That kind of stuff. And then of course there's the Japanese transfer students but I won't even go into that...

So in other words, the way to become popular at small schools is to go away and then come back, or something like that. Because newness is important.

The subbie class is just so entertaining. There's such high proportions of cool subbies though. And my parents don't get it at all since they're like, a few years younger, but see, that's not it. It's just that they're cool. Except certain ones. Who ERASE the kyou no tango. But they make up for it in their awesome people (like MICAH!) and drama. The drama is unbelieveable. With everyone's Suran obsession (???? i don't get it) and then all the crushes and grinding and stuff like that. It's just so much fun. We had drama but it was stupid. It was just girls having love-hate relationships with renner (i still don't get why they even paid any attention to him at all), and voting stephen and brett the best guys in our class (another completely random one... i mean they're awesome, but it was like, a unanimous vote).

I managed to spend almost the entire weekend away from my house. IMEA was fun and whatnot, although everyone was really zonked out for whatever reason, and then the dance, which blew, although was filled with lots of subbie gossip. Just not as much as last time. And on friday there was the film festival (with the premiere of our *wonderful* movie) and cello and junk like that, and then MORE cello on sunday with my solo thingie and orchestra. So in other words, very eventful, and I'd definitely say one of the highlights was talking to greg columbo about kekkan kazoku which he watched last year. Apparently his class also had an obsession with eyebrow guy (although they just said he was the realtor or something) and of course, the husband with the afro!

I'm making so much sense.

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