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Monday, November 24, 2003's snowing...

not that I want it to.

Insaaaaaaaaaaaaaane amounts of work to do. Actually it's not insane. I just felt like writing insane like that. This is obviously very deep. We cooked in Japanese today, I'd say that was the highlight. The other highlight was that I GOT A FREAKING GOOD GRADE ON THE TEST! Gee, that was worth a class, a lunch period, and a weekend of worrying over...

However I always seem to feel that my grade is completely screwed if I mess one thing up, which is really true. Say you get a C on a test, since there are only 2 or 3 tests per quarter, your sorta screwed.

However, the most fun things to fail are the english quizzes! How many have I failed? Well my average is about 6/8 which is most certainly a D, although luckily she drops the lowest one. That was great when everyone got like 2 or 3 and i got a 5! Chaching, mo's smart now.

mo posted at 8:02 PM.