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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

...omfg it's like, almost next year!...

It's really anticlimatic to go to JapanBloggers' sites (such as this one) and see all this stuff about the new year. Because new years eve is a fun holiday. But I guess it wouldn't really work to have everyone go into a new year at once, because some people would at like, 1 in the afternoon which wouldn't be very exciting. Oh well. Last year I think I was home and during the day Kangway called from France and it was 12 there and there were drunk ppl singing in the streets or something, from what he told me. Then again, maybe he never went to England anyway. Maybe he was just in... like... Uni's basement, emailing everyone. Or he could have just stayed home.

Yesterday we went bowling at the union, which was entertaining, and I won (muaha, even though I kinda suck, I got 110). Anyhow, then we played DDR (Dance dance revolution) which I had done before, it's so scary!! AAAAAHHH!!! And there were these really GOOD people there, some lady who was really good and some guy who was CRAZY.... CRAZY!!! He coudl do the hardest level of everything. He had to use the bar so he didn't fall over, cuz it was going so fast. And he put dimitri on the easy level but still won, ohwell. And then there's the music, sung by Japanese chipmunks (we THINK it's by japanese girls) and it's frightening, but all you need is one with an obvious beat and that you don't mind too much.

Then we went to record service, and there was background music. You can guess what I was doing. STOMP STOMP STOMP. Joe was there, our favorite record service employee, and he said that Lost in Translation is a good movie. I have not seen it, but the dude at Record Service highly recommends it. And he didn't know when they're going to close, he said March or May, one of those "M" months.

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