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Monday, December 08, 2003


It seems a little excessive that we have two history papers and a flowchart to work on. Anyway, Sensei left her Kekkan Kazoku last tape at home!!!! On FRIDAY!!! So we have had to agonize over it for even more DAYS. Even though I know exactly what happens. And OMFG tsukamoto takashi (the actor who plays someone affectionately known as eyebrow guy)... he has a homepage and I do think he has a band. But anyway, more importantly it has pictures and in some of them.... OMFG WHAT DID THEY DO TO HIM??? There is never ever ever ever an excuse for an azn person to have LIGHT BLONDE HAIR. No matter what you do, it will NEVER look good. Red, Black, Brown, random colors are probably all fine except for light blonde. EWWWWW.

Pictures later. It's just so bad. He was also in another dorama.


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