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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

...goops and phylum...

The skin peels off my fingers and the calluses on them E I E I O.

School is getting to me. There's plenty of people who are really nice there. But the ones I don't like just get on my nerves until I want to kill them. I can say there's fewer than 5 people like that, and I manage to avoid them properly as so not to explode. I guess I just hate people easily. I swear it's not the stress though. I never really feel as if I have so much stuff to do. I sometimes feel like I don't want to do my stuff, but it's quite rare that I feel it hovering over me.

A few days ago in PE merf asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up (unfortunately it's not very far off). Almost everyone she asked said, "i dunno..." and she was like, "so you're the future of the world?!?!" The thing is, careers just sound very very dull. I don't actually want to be anything. I want to watch movies and TV and chat on the computer and learn to program stuff and sit around singing Japanese rap with kazoo solos and play my cello (though it can't beat the kazoo) and draw pictures or stay home from school or even go to school.

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