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Friday, December 12, 2003

...stress and slime...

We made slime in chemistry today. It was great fun. Especially Robbie shattering his on the floor. Oh that stuff was nice and goopy!

Okay so yesterday the Pynk Pyritz had a gig at the crystal lake lake house or whatever for some people. And it was right after school (we had to be there at 5:15). So in the rush of getting there, Claire and I (two out of three of us) forgot to bring stands. Music stands. So, we being the resourceful citizens we are, did not break down and cry (w00t) and miraculously Angelina and Claire *SHARED* a stand (what?!??!) and I put my folder on a chair, which would have worked perfectly had the light not been quite so dim. But anyway, we were fine, and eventually Claire's mom brought another stand for me (we love her, yay!!!)

Anyway, so it worked out and no one even noticed because guess what, we're BACKGROUND MUSIC. Jeez. Plus, we're FREE. No money involved. You get what you pay for, guys. And what's with this getting stressed out over music thing anyway? Isn't music supposed to be fun? Isn't it better to screw up a bit and look like you're enjoying yourself than to play it perfectly with no expression because you're being oppressed? I feel really bad for all the kids who only do music because their parents make them. They deserve to be liberated. Because music should be fun and most definitely not a stress. Plus, again I would like to stress the fact that we are still mere children and play for free concerts as background music.

However, all that aside, we did get "paid" this time! It was the best gig ever because they gave us.... COOKIES! There were cookies out that we got to eat (why they weren't gone no one knows) and they gave us a box of girl scout cookies each!!! It's quite exciting! This is way better than the time where they put us next to a huge table of cake and didn't let us eat any. ERRRRR. But all in all, this gig was fun even though we most certainly are going to be yelled at for the music stand thing. I think Claire and Angelina already have been, but I'm not entirely certain. It's just that we're very incredibly unofficial, and our priority list is something like this:

1. Food.
2. How we look (it's all about the outfits, guys, the earrings and chuck taylor converse sneakers!)
3. How we sound.

Perhaps this will change obviously when we go mainstream and start doing concerts with mosh pits and signing autographs... for... classical music. But come on, we are just there to provide nice sounds and that's what we do.

Also, if I hear any more christmas songs today I'm going to kill someone.

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