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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

...pinkie and the brain brain brain...

I enjoy reading Japan-bloggers' sites waaaaaaaay too much.

So spencer and I have this thing where I call him a slut (I can't quite remember the cause of this) and he calls me a psychotic bitch. It's quite entertaining. Well anyway, the point is that today we played Age of Kings and it was quite fun because we're Austria and Sam goes on mad conquering sprees and is like "muahahahah!" *insane laughter* which I promote, unless we go into debt. However, I think we're doing fine and that game is really fun, it's like, role playing, and... realistic in some ways. But in more ways, it's just fun.

So anyway, for my nihongo speech, I'm definitely inserting this: *I'm talking about how people have stress from homework* and then your grades go down! And if you ever get anything below an A, you will have to work in a gas station when you grow up! Even people who work at McDonalds had straight A's!

Competition is fierce.

Domier has exciting pictures up on his site (even two with ME in them, muahaha... it was me and yuzi and michael chopping lettuce) but I can't tell you where that is or else my mom will get mad :( I am saddened that there are internet stalkers. Perhaps I can take zillions of pictures of me, but blur out the face and like, other random body parts (today you don't get to see my SHOE!)

Enough for now, it's exhausting getting more than one exciting email per month. I realize that the only people I get email from are Uni dudes (i.e. whole school messages) and people who do not exactly live in town or even close anymore. Oh yeah, and my parents. w00t! Alright, I'm out.

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