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Thursday, December 18, 2003

...snow means it's cold...

It has snowed, I'm dancing with joy *unenthusiastic dance*.

In middle school, snow was highly entertaining, at least in 7th grade. Besides the fact that I don't like to be cold and wet, it was immensely fun to at least watch guys do stupid things in snow, or the ritual of HILL JUMPING! See, the grounds at this middle school had this tiny man-made hill to separate us from the cornfield (doesn't this school sound *exciting*?) and it was barely a hill at all. However, the guys would run up one side of the hill and jump, and then roll down the hill, which looked entertaining as well. In better weather, there was skateboarding. However since my arch nemesis Emily claimed that her "arm got run over by a skateboard," by second semester of 7th grade that was over as well. Skateboarding was the best though. I think I would always try to steal Drew's board (some kid in my class) cuz it wasn't too loose. Also, besides the fact that I couldn't even roll on a skateboard, I ollied (not landing, of course), and was at least able to take pictures of people skating. Until people decided that the threat of being hit by a skateboard was too great.

We don't play outside anymore, and for that, I am very greatful. I guess snowball fights are pretty good though...

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"I guess everything in life is a challenge for Robbie." --Mr. Bergandine

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