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Friday, December 19, 2003

...freedom and can we say "snap!"?...

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Okay, now that that is done with, today was rather goof-off-ish as usual (I mean come on, how can anyone actually be expected to focus???) I'm glad that we got our math tests back though, because now that even lightens my stress (and my uber-good grade secures my spot for the quarter/semester), so now I pretty much don't have anything to worry about. Today at lunch was taken by wintertime festivities (i.e. snowball fighting). It was quite fun. Although, considerably less fun when all the subbie girls went in and I couldn't help pelt them anymore.

The singing thing couldn't have gone worse, but not by much. I couldn't hear the song at all. Not one bit. I heard the bass a teense, but I kept messing up cuz it was impossible to hear. However, Mr. Butler's story telling was entertaining as usual, and most of all, it's OVER. Yay. I have a follow-up to an old story:

Remember how I said we got in trouble for not bringing music stands to our gig last thursday, and how it would totally ruin our image or something like that and seems unprofessional? Well as a result of that one, someone there liked us, and is having us play at a grocery store (how...exciting?) as a result. Actually, it's way more fun than it sounds because see, instead of playing for rich people or little organizations, it's like, interacting with the public (although that's probably not something I want to do on a regular basis). Sort of like playing at Pages, which was fun too. Anyway, Schnucks is making some sort of donation to the conservatory and inviting us to play (I assume for an hour or so, maybe a bit more) on monday, in U. However, I haven't gotten to the most exciting part. Besides us playing zillions of christmas tunes (hopefully this means they will turn off the CD of people SINGING christmas tunes, I think I would die from overdose), we get to open a violin case and collect change! (oooo excitement!) Of course, first we must throw in our own spare change to give people the idea! Muahaha. Not that we'll make much money, but it's the principle that counts. I guess this doesn't sound particularly fun, but it is for us. It also calls for a rehearsal this weekend (hopefully involving much food???) at one of our houses. That should be entertaining as well.

I kicked the weeked off with watching Lizzie McGuire (how unpredictable!) and then I saw part of that show, Queer Eye for a Straight Guy. The one where the gay guys make over the straight guy. Only, it was like a holiday special or something so they were showing clips from other ones. I find it amusing how all the gay guys they picked are the exactly stereotype gay guy, and the straight ones are all dumpy guys trying to find a date. Or something along those lines...

Plansssssssssssss that are currently not quite existent:

-LotR RotK tomorrow, huzzah! No more needs to be said.
-Pynk Pyritz rehearsal
-knitting w/ the sexy yarn/needles Batia gave me (what to knit..what to knit)
-playing! In the snow (if it exists) or just in general
-learning more php
-change my OS to fedora
-new years party w/ pynk pyritz/jono
-more eating
-MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZILLIONS OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!! Particularly Grease, which is one of the funniest movies ever, although I'm fairly sure it's not trying to be

Hopefully all of that will get done. There's no tests to study for (except the chem final, which is more like, compiling info at this point), no jockusch homework (REJOICE!!!) and no STUFF. No orchestra rehearsals, no cello lessons, no school, no annoying people standing in the hallway who obviously do not have another class and are just talking to random people when you are carrying a cello that is practially bigger than yourself and trying to get toward the door to go HOME!

Okay guys, let's play a game of "recognize-the-japanese-guy-you-know-in-this-picture!":

Can we say "ariennnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee!!!"?

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