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Saturday, December 20, 2003

...return of the king...

Yep so it was maciek's bday party thing so we went to Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (surprise surprise!!!) and it was sold out but LUCKILY Maciek bought tickets ahead of time. Anyhow, it was extremely excellent, yes, but I pretty much think that the last half hour was completely unnecessary. I for one do not care about hobbits and their little hugs and kisses goodbye, and I think it should have ended right after... the first sort of "dreamlike" place when frodo was healing in bed and he is reunited with everyone. That ending would have been nice (actually, even earlier would have been ok too) but I guess I survived. Besides that, the other parts of the movie were awesome, ESPECIALLY when Legolas skateboarded down the ELEPHANT!!! Okay, I thought they couldn't top the "skateboarding down the stairs" thing, but I guess they knew how appealing that is.

I love these movies (although number 2 is my definite favorite), but the problem is that there is little or no comic relief. Like, we kept laughing at these little things in the movie, and we were the ONLY ONES laughing. Especially when the show was sold out, you'd think people would at least laugh sometimes, but alas these are not funny movies and basically our laughing was most likely annoying. Oh well. Anyway, I don't care if you haven't seen the movie because I'm going to make comments anyway, muaha.

The beginning was creepy, with the whole gollum thing, how he became gollum. The human/hobbit/whatever thing was even creepier than the animation. That scared me. And having not read the books, I kept getting confused between the castles. One was Gondor, and the other was that evil guy that has no face and that "no man can kill" so a chick did. That was kind of disturbing too, although his city was nice and green. I also found it amusing that there was a staircase to mordor (even though it was steep, it's still a staircase), and the spider thing was just disgusting. It also reminded me of Harry Potter. I guess Tolkein came before Harry Potter, but I don't care. There was a definite lack of Arwen scenes (Ariana: you won't like this movie as much as the last one) and mostly just a bit of her being sad... There was also a huge lack of Legolas (No, I'm not in love with him, but seriously, he and Aragorn are far more fun to watch than sam, frodo, gollum, pippin, and merry/mary/whatever). I really don't like the blond girl either, she just upsets me. Arwen and Aragorn are awesome, but they were neglected. And then there was Feromir (sp?) who I had forgotten about since the first movie, but he was pretty cool, but his dad scared me. One of the best things in this movie was the constant contrast between Frodo's struggle and the rest of the gang's -- whenever there was a fight scene it was light outside, blindingly white, but whenever you saw Frodo it was dark and gritty and gross.

However, the entire last 30 minutes was completely unnecessary, partially because of the fact that everything was in slow motion. I also really liked when sauron's eye thing died.

And that was my utterly deep analysis of Return of the King -- a great movie, but not as good as two towers. I'm sorry, you just can't beat helms deep, gollum, and well... the fact that little attention was payed to frodo baggins, the dud of a character.

And I still won't read the books. 3.5 hours and they still cut out 90%? I think not.

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