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Sunday, December 21, 2003 heart will go on, omfg!...

Okay, this should not be so complicated, we're trying to arrange this for the pynk pyritz. It's easy enough except for the fact that all trial versions of composing software don't let you SAVE. It's a rather important feature that conveniently enough for them, they forgot to leave out. So what I'm probably going to do is write it all by hand, and then put it into the demo, hope I didn't screw up, and PRINT. The problem is it's a bit long, so I need a nice fat chunk of time to do this in.

Today at Hot Topic I was exchanging the rejected shirt from Maciek's present (I don't even want to try to explain the complexity of this; basically, I was going to get myself a shirt), and I got this shirt. I dunno, it was really my favorite, I just like it for some reason. I also like the "don't make me go zelda on you" one (no da, but see someone already has that now (: ) and I really like the "things you learn from video games" one but lucas already has that one, and you're not supposed to match people intentionally. Anyhow, I like this one a lot, and I'm happy that their shirts have become exciting once again (for a while they were just pathetic, now some are funny again). I still really like the one that says something like, "I don't have a girlfriend, but there's a girl who would be mad if she knew I said that" ... I guess it doesn't quite apply to me anyway.

Pynk Pyritz tomorrow! People can throw change in our cases and... with money you can buy FOOD! (my brother says I have become a stereotypical guy.)

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