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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

...rolling in dough...

Dude, all the donations the pynk pyritz make should be converted into gold dollars, so we can buy a treasure chest and put in the coins, muahaha!!!!!!!!

Rose's house today, and we played Flemish Monopoly (Monopoly in Flemish, they have exciting words). We also crashed trains, and that was funfun. Oh yes.

It's interesting to analyze people who donate money. Not that we're a worthy cause or anything, but it seems that the people giving money are about 75% men. I don't know why this is, unless only men are going grocery shopping, but it seems like the population is actually about 50-50, but guys like to stand around and watch us more. And women, if they donate, tend to run up, put in money, and run away again. Or not notice us while they're fishing around in their wallets and then walk off w/out giving. Little kids are the best though. Most of them are like, staring at us, and either their parents approve and stand around for a few minutes listening, and maybe give a dollar or something, or they are obviously in a hurry, and drag their kids off. Usually kids are really bratty, but it's good when they actually like what we're doing. Most of them also stare at my cello, since it's like, as big as them.

More importantly, tomorrow is christmas, and luckily the movie theater is open in the afternoon (I think I'm tagging along w/ my brother and dad to catch LotR RotK again, w00t!) We also have rented fun movies, most importantly GREASE. Which is like, the funniest movie ever. Anyhow, these days are fun. Not like last year, which was also really fun, but more fun in the way of leaving the country, going to Turkey, hanging out there, seeing cool stuff, talking to Kangway on a cell phone and it costing lots of cash, "romance" (ha, me?), and of course, new years.

And Ariana got me a calendar of Bushisms, you can't go wrong (and a really cool contact case), and Angelina and I used some of our pynk pyritz treasure to get her... Um... a penguin, a santa, a gingerbread woman, and a reindeer all in a sleigh. VERY frightening. And now I'm off to do wonderful things, like eat candy, not have a christmas tree, and learn php.

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