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Friday, December 26, 2003

...just another day...

I saw Spirited Away yesterday, and it has got to be the strangest movie I've ever seen. I watched in Japanese with English subtitles, and at the beginning I could understand almost all of it, since it was just family stuff, but then there were magical creatures and whatnot and I didn't have a hope of getting it, so I just gave up and read. This movie is crazy. Crazy. It keeps taking these strange plot turns that don't seem to make any sense, but in the end none of them are actually dropped, which is good.

Toward the beginning, I noticed stretching of meaning in the subtitling (like the girl said "hai" and to make it make sense, the subtitle read, "I'm coming"), but the weirdest one said something like, "it's okay, we have four wheel drive!" Those Japanese people, crazy. And at some point the spider armed dude was like, "goo-do ra-ku" and someone said "goo-do tai-ming-u" Lalalallalalala.

I really liked the no face dude who is in this picture next to her, and how he kept just saying "aa.."

Well that's all my depth for now, if you haven't seen this movie you need to -- it's freaking weird and awesome.

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