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Saturday, December 27, 2003

...tired of being an afterthought...

*trumpets sound* it's time for another BLOG POST (how exciting).

Ok so I'm writing this story. Just like everyone else. Actually it's a really stupid story, but whatever. It's not even funny, unless you're in the right mood (like us at LotR last saturday). Basically there's this guy that goes around killing depressed teenagers, and it's supposed to be a warning of some sort to others that they're throwing their lives away and whatnot. Unfortunately, this guy is obviously crazy, plauged by the suicide of his girlfriend, and he's also supposed to be extremely hott (go figure). And there's this other girl who doesn't take any of this stuff too seriously, and wants to get away from annoying friends, and whatnot. So they hook up (dumdumdum). And she's going to cheat on him, because, that's just the way she is, and he's going to be accused on cheating on her when really he was just luring a girl to the movies to kill her! Muahaha! And um, this is a really random story, and that picture of the NoFace on my last post is starting to creep me out. Anyway obviously he'll get caught, because we only hope that the police are catching criminals, instead of just giving parking tickets.

And then, at the end, he turns into a butterfly!!! Actually, no. But it could happen. Cuz there's no deep amazind end yet. I really want someone to turn into a butterfly. It's not realistic, you say? It's fiction, I can make these crazy kids do whatever I want them to! Ahh, power. I can make things turn out the way they would or wouldn't. But anyway...

I have an entirely free day ahead of me, I shall try not to waste it.

mo posted at 11:36 AM.