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Sunday, December 28, 2003


Hmm, everyone, if you've decided to be evil, go to this website. It has everything you need.

Today is my brother's bday party, and then I am going to my dad's office to back up my 550 megs of stuff to his computer so that if they are accidentally lost in the proccess of changing OS tomorrow or so, nothing bad will happen (I have stuff scattered in emails, bookmarks in a pico file at uni, etc.) Yes it is worth backing up. It's my stuff. People do have too much stuff, but since I switched to this computer, I had to start over (meaning I have no files from subbie year, no cutting edge, whether that's good or bad I'll never know) so really in like 2 years 550 megs isn't bad. However, most of my nice non-intrusive for-school stuff is on my mom's computer. However, on this one, I download stuff like crazy.

I just delete most of it.

My brother's party is in one hour, and someone called about half an hour ago asking my brother if he has a GameCube or a PS2. This does not bode well for the amount of money this kid's spending, but whatever. I wish we had a PS2, but GameCubes can be fun too. SUPER SMASH BROTHERS MELEE!!! (Which we're most likely getting today)... and other fun games, but anyway, anything where I get to beat ppl up virtually is fun. I'm most matched to my brother, but we can't beat Alan and Angelina, cuz they OWN it. Jeez. I think I'll just try to specialize in LInk, because he's Link, come on.

Now time to investigate whether CD holes and GameCube game holes are the same size.

mo posted at 11:13 AM.