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Thursday, January 29, 2004's not too weird...

Yesterday several very odd things happened. I will go through them in what I think to be... chronological order (now you know it's bad).

1. Matt or someone is talking about certain japanese transfer students and their girlfriends (hmm I wonder who this could be, since you know, there's so many of them), and he's like "they tried to break up but she said no." This I personally am beyond comprehension. And anyway, hopefully it's just a rumor, but I like to think I was right all along about some people.

2. The mini Za's has new people working there. The old team was two blondes, and they actually knew what they're doing. Now it's two brunettes and they have no clue what's going on. Obviously they will get better, but I don't reccomend going there soon, especially if you have a class to get to right after lunch.

3. I was doing math homework in the library, and I suppose Max Rich was too, but you know, on the other side of the library, so I didn't KNOW he was doing math homework. But according to his psychic math-powers or something he comes over and says "Yeah, for problem 3 did you get 40/3" and then looks at my paper for like, 1.2 seconds and goes "yeah it's positive since 5-8 is -3 and you wrote 3." Then he left. Okay that's just weird. First of all, how did he KNOW???? That's my main question. And then why did he come over JUST to correct my error that he knew about psychically (I definitely was not talking about the problem or anything).

4. This isn't so weird, but another wonderful quote from my English teacher, "She died of grief. And tuberculosis."

5. People were actually there after school, and Dimitri showed up... and Huggett was also there. This could potentially have been bad, but um... Yeah it was more like entertaining.

That's all for now, and it's time for breakfast (LOOK how I'm awake this early! Watch me STILL be late to school, wtf!)

mo posted at 8:16 AM.