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Friday, January 02, 2004

...a new year and everyone's already bored...

Okay guys, it's time for a *bumbumbum* NEW look. How do you like? Actually I'm working out the kinks, and although it doesn't really match my sarcasm well enough, I like the layout (not so much empty space, but enough)... and I will make everything nicer, I was just sick of the whole, light look. Anyhow, if anyone knows WHY the whole thing moves when I highlight a link, or if it even does that for you, an explanation of how to change it would be nice. Also if I can figure out how to get rid of those yucky dotted lines would be cool too. Just plain thin lines would be nice. Okay...

It seems to be working out alright. Anyway, that's all for now, baibai.

Okay will everyone tell me how it's showing up on your browser? Right now, it looks perfect on my linux, any browser, but on the mac everything's overlapping and stuff. Any ideas? Comments? SOMETHING??? *calms down*

Carrots are weird. They are. Don't deny it. They're incredibly crunchy. Who ever thought of eating these things?? They seem dangerous to me. Although, in the old times no one ever had braces to be tightened so I guess it wasn't dangerous. I dunno, something about carrots has always disturbed me.

Everyone see the abuse that Maciek is responsible for. I mean, I realize it's my fault. But it is his problem.

These electric cellos are da sex. DA SEX... I say lots of things are da sex though.

Who can see the pic?

mo posted at 9:37 PM.