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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

...the excitement of yarn...

Hmph. It has been brought up in emails whether it's ok to copy and paste what ppl say on the web. I guess it's hurtful lots of the time, but, it seems like everything said is at your own risk. It's kind of like letters, only less thought out. There's the assumption that no one will bother to tell other people what you are saying, because it's usually rather stupid. People used to have love/hate letters, now we have love/hate IMs and emails. It doesn't seem all that different to me. The pace is just sped up.

School is rather crappy, but my attention span seems to be recovering alright. I just need to stop avoiding the people that are miserable and don't deserve anything resembling positive attention from me, but they come in groups. Beware of the groups...

I dreamt I got like 10 cakes for my birthday, it was amazing. And then this one movie that they made in Japanese, but it was made interactive, so I could walk around Japan and talk to the characters.

mo posted at 8:16 AM.