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Monday, January 26, 2004

...gee thanks for notifying me...

I've concluded that if it weren't for a crazy boy named Kangway I would never look up the words for english and therefore never get this:

(20:41:40) bananagenes: i had to do my english homework
(20:41:41) smarterchild: You always say such interesting things, Mo.

And YES it knows my name.

My domo-kun phone cover seems to be popular thus far, I need to finish, but I will draw it out through at least one more day of reading Emma. It's the only way I can focus and not pay attention to little noises or something weird.

And, thanks to nathan domier, he told me the comments weren't working. I hope that these work. Yes and I told him what the most disturbing things was and no, I don't hate Roveiza. I don't hate most ppl at our school so SUCK IT you peeps. Alright no more being weird and "offensive".

"Let's make MEAT cookies!" --Robbie

TJ has demonstrated how submissive most subbie girls are. He pushed three in the snow, one right after the other, none of whom were able to not be pushed. It also must be mentioned that two out of three of these girls were at least 3 inches taller than him.

Come on, short people are wicked cool. But not as cool as ... NON O-GENDER HUMAN!

Also, what should my next knitting project be... hmm... i do need to make that alien scarf... but what else *time to go obsess over knitting books*

mo posted at 9:18 PM.