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Sunday, January 11, 2004


today was a very tiring day. 5 hours of orchestra-related stuff. What fun. I think I need to become good at something. I don't really care what, as long as I'm good at it.

I saw part of Moulin Rouge on TV today while I was knitting, it was exciting. It's all romantic and stuff, which is all good, unless people try to say it works that way in everyday life. When you're dying of tuberculosis and have murder threats and are a prostitute, then maybe your drama will start to make sense! Until then, TV is good enough for me.

That and senseless manga in which they always go for the stupid girl who eats a lot and yet is pretty, has perfectly straight hair, and supernatural powers of some sort against her will, and oops, the boyfriend just has to fight off the bad guys!

Don't you love fiction?

mo posted at 6:28 PM.