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Wednesday, January 14, 2004 i recall i think we both kinda liked it...

Something horrible and disgusting happened to me yesterday. It was fitness (oh what fun) and we were writing down our information on our new sheets about our laps and time and whatnot (luckily no HRMs, which are another huge invasion of privacy -- how about taking a blood sample after every PE class! Sshhh, don't give them any ideas, they might do it)... anyhow the point is that someone dripped sweat on me. It was completely disgusting -- I have no clue who it was, as I was in a crowd of people. KEEP YOUR SWEAT TO YOURSELF. I assume it was a guy, since they tend to sweat more than girls, and I have seen a few guys drip sweat on the floor (and then proceed to avoid that spot for the rest of the class), but this is just insaaane.... luckily the sweat was dripped on my leg instead of like, my face, but that does not change the fact that I don't want other people's sweat and stuff on me.

On a slightly happier note, Julie has the coolest paper in the world. I'm not sure how or where she gets this paper, but just ask her for some when you need some. It's really crazy. It's kind of heavy weight compared to normal notebook paper, and a lot smoother. It's very nice, but anyway, yeah, if you're looking for awesome paper, Julie is the person to go to.

Even better than awesome paper, kinyoubi ni, gakkou ga nai!! kono shuukan ni, hayaku okiritakunai desu. demo, kayoubi ni, speechi o dasu. haruyasumi, jikan ga attara, kekkan kazoku o mitai desu. mata, nihongo wa totemo warui.

But it's totemo cool to talk in chotto bits of nihongo anyway, since hito wa sometimes don't get your sentences.

And then you sound stupider -- totemo freaky!

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