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Friday, January 16, 2004


Hm... more Japan bloggers here... because I know I'm the only one who reads all this stuff. Hmph.

I woke up at 10, and have the whole day ahead of me to do absolutely nothing. We do have massive amounts of homework though. Although, no running for 5 days!!! Which is good because it's now on a daily basis that I get yelled at for running too slowly. I cannot help it if I naturally cannot run faster than other people. People don't have the same running abilities -- if they did, every single person would have the capability of winning the olympics in running things, but they do not. I realize that it is the aim of the PE department to make it so that you cannot breathe, and that you pass out from lack of oxygen. I just can't get into self-mutilation though. They're supposed to *prevent* that. Cutting, suicide attempts, the whole thing. I'm sorry, in the end I'm just not a masochist.

And I am keeping myself from making nasty comments about math. No, not the class (though we do have a test on tuesday and I'm scared). For now it's onto more Japanblogs, and looking forward to buying yarn.

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