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Saturday, January 17, 2004


Jeez, after messing with the comments, they finally come back to life. It figures.

I will write more in a bit.

Alright it's much later, and I just sat through a wonderfully heartwarming Disney Channel Original Movie. Ah, the peak of our civilization. This one is called Pixel Perfect, and it came out this month. Now don't laugh, but still, only Disney can produce such madness. So there's this band, and they audition, but they can't get gigs because they're not "visual band" enough. So the best friend/computer geek uses his dad's program to create a hologram girl to sing and dance for the group.

I must explain the main character. He's basically, when at his computer, wearing stylish, yet somewhat emo glasses, and looks all smart and stuff. Then when he's at school he doesn't wear glasses. Why, do not ask me. But obviously the main guy and the main girl (the real one) have crushes on each other, but then the guy kinda falls for the hologram girl since she's "perfect". And waht's more, she's made up of lots of different stars. And he used the main girl to be a bit of the holo-girl. And guess what part he decided was good enough for perfection??? Her EARS! Yep, her ears. Now that's a compliment. So anyway there's this whole jealousy thing going on between the holo-girl and the real girl, and it's all quite touching as you might imagine.

Oh yes, and you see the inside of the internet. Dogs chase her because they think she's a virus. And search engines are piloted by fat men that look like they should be hauling garbage.

mo posted at 11:25 AM.