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Sunday, January 18, 2004

...procrastinators of the world unite! Tomorrow!...

* maria hurts
and whenever i close my eyes i can see scrolling arrows and hear j-pop
the first step toward getting rid of a ddr addiction is to admit that you have a problem
yes, i do
one of the pads is broken

Oh, the quotes on bash. org. About DDR.

<|404notfound> when you play DDR, you're dancing with SATAN
<|404notfound> unless, you know, you're doing two player
<|404notfound> because then Satan doesn't have room to play

Look (listen) we're on the internet!. Hmmm i guess I'm a bit stressed, with all the homework and such, but it never feels more than I can handle. I'ts more that I don't wanna bother with it. More like, I'd rather be watching movies and stuff. Even if lots of the stuff we learn is interesting.

Cello should not be something to stress me out. In fact, it should be a destressor, right?!?! Yeah, it ususally is, but music teachers often get very tense, and that makes it not very fun. For example, we have a concert tomorrow, what fun, what fun. Actually it is kinda fun. But only partially because you know everyone is waiting for you to make a mistake, or make a good note. Don't deny it, you listen for mistakes. Anyway, but I don't think mistakes are very bad -- in light of the very touching disney movie last night, mistakes are what make people real, and not hologram girls who can dance.

And yes, I'm obsessed with knitting fuzzy things now. It's addictive. Almost as addictive as Dance Dance Revolution.

In the blooper reel of Pirates of the Caribbean (yes, i have the special edition DVD, w00t!) you hear this roaring sound in one of them, and johnny depp looks up from his ship and is like, "wait is that a plane?" I think you see the plane too. Hehe.

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