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Thursday, January 22, 2004

...brie and cheese...

That's what Bush thinks journalists eat!

Proof my Japanese speech is on a valid topic, a real question submitted to a site:

Is my crush wacked? My crush told me that he is a vampire and asked me if I wanted him to suck my blood and turn me into a vampire so that we could live eternally forever together. Then, he told me that one day he wanted us to kiss in the rain. When I asked him "Won't we get sick?" He replies, "We'll be sick together." What is up with this guy?

And my reply to that is: "The policeman is faithful to his duties."

If you don't get it, I'm hoping sensei won't either.

Jockusch test! I didn't do so bad, compared to other people. I mean, okay, low B's are not what I want, but um... I still don't understand what notation she's looking for. Ever. I always miss about 2-5 points on notational issues, and I only really misses between 8 and 10 this time for genuinely not giving correct or complete answers. Hmph. In other news, history test tomorrow (what FUN!), Japanese speechi is getting more interesting, and I have come up with the perfect solution to both my knitting problems and reading for English.

I can't concentrate on like, almost any book that we read for English, because usually they contain difficult language (we haven't read anything yet that was written more recently than about 200 years ago) and such, so it's really hard to just sit down and read. But my magical solution is to knit while reading. For Emma, this works incredibly well. So well in fact, that now it's displeasing for me to knit without reading it, which is why I'm partially through the reading for Monday. This is also the first book this year I found mildly entertaining at least. Pygmalion wasn't that bad, but we spent about a week on it, so you know, it's not a huge impact. You know what's nice about Emma is that this kind of stuff ACTUALLY HAPPENED! Wow, talk about radical, doing something mildly accurate for a change! Not that it always has to be true to be interesting, but still. I mean come on, if The Odyssey were edited a lot, that would be a good story, magic, gods, heros, who doesn't like? Shakespeare is highly overrated, but if you don't spend too long with the undying loves and such it's not too bad. Frankenstein was just screwed up. I mean, it's romantic which is fine by me, but there was really something wrong with that book. I prefer the green halloween monster. Anyway, it's really good to read Emma and knit at the same time (but since you can't hold the book you have to bend it a lot every time you turn a page). Still, Pride and Prejudice was way better, and the mini-series with COLIN FIRTH (I hear excitement from the audience)... but it is totally the equivalent of dating high schoolers today anyhow.

Also I would like to point out that I really am beginning to hate certain girls in my PE class. The ones I never ever talk to without being cornered into it. I don't care to be told what to do, when to take the stupid Consumer Ed. test, and when to practice sports. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS. If you would take your head out of Youranus, maybe you wouldn't be buggering all the people that don't want to hear your brilliant little opinions.

And no, this is not about you, most likely.

Oh and thanks to Rose for this wonderful comic. I reccommend starting at the beginning.

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