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Sunday, January 25, 2004

...blabla in the summer...

Gee, what excitement. Hannah's house and dance yesterday, that was fun, although no one knows why we had to be there an hour and a half early to set up lights... and some of them ended up saying "SS" anyway, though after being hit for trying to take it down I gave that up. The annoying thing about dances is that many people are all depressed, and I'm sorry, depression is just annoying. *insert mo's japanese speech here*.

Most dances would be much improved by deleting every rap song from the face of the earth... I did recognize 8 songs in 3 hours though, that was definitely better than usual. And my outfit was da sex. Certain people by the names of Maciek, Domier, Lara, and of course Batia, were very interested. Mr. Murphy had the best comment about my skirt though, he was like, "wait, is that your bathroom rug?"

And people were there, and Alejandra shocked everything. Everyone. Beware of her dress dragging on the floor.

So I woke up at 10:30, tomorrow will not be a fun morning. Everyone needs attention. And the most disturbing sight I've had to view in my life was last night. At that wonderfully sparkly dance. Yeah, never wanna see that again.

Jurassic Park kitchen! The wonders of the Levis faculty center. That place scares me.

Domo-kun, I promise to create him. And that sounded like engrish.

By the way, everyone, the new hott insult is "bumblebee butt". I made it up while I was knitting. And my brother was being a total bumblebee butt. Knitting really boosts creativity, and it can cure acne! Ahem.

mo posted at 9:42 PM.