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Monday, January 26, 2004

...thanks for notifying me...

gee when I press post, it gets deleted. How nice.

Thanks to KANGWAY I actually do my english homework and get this:

(20:41:40) bananagenes: i had to do my english homework
(20:41:41) smarterchild: You always say such interesting things, Mo.

And thanks to Nathan I actually know that the comments aren't working. Perhaps they will work now. I just thought everyone decided to ignore me (this way it's much less dramatic).

And thanks to Robbie, "Let's make MEAT cookies!"

TJ has shown how submissive most subbie girls are, especially about being pushed into the snow.

Enough about boys who go to my school, the most important thing (sorry guys) is obviously my domo-kun cellphone case I'm knitting right now. I need to post pics of my random knittings... if only i had a digital camera! And of course I have to scribble out my face and any part of my body that's not covered by the knit stuff because people are going to hunt me down and kill me. Better yet, not wear it. But you totally cannot get the full effect if I'm not wearing it. Except you could for the cell phone case. I guess the cell phone would be wearing it though.

This is getting too philosophical for my tired mind. What classes should I sign up for next year? Thus far I'm interested in the usual stuff, orchestra, nihongo, of course second semester of physics, and I wanna take either philosophy or anthropology (come on, they have to give me a mr. vaughn class!), and there are many art type things I would like to do only you can't actually have art and orchestra cuz they are bumblebee butts (context for my new phrase!)

That's all for now people, time to wonder about what to knit next...

Now everything else in my blog seems to have disappeared. Ugh.

mo posted at 9:26 PM.