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Sunday, February 08, 2004

...DDR, RRD, RRR, and SAT...

Oh how we love acronyms! So Friday was a dumb-day, we got out 2 measley hours earlier than usual, and they call it a half day. Oh weru. So then we were chauffered to the Union by my mom, because I had a cello, a lunchbox, and backpack, plus Batia and Maciek -- to much to walk in the cold with (ha, like I care if you think I'm a wimp. You walked in the cold!)... and then we tried to go play DDR, after babysitting people's stuff. But, alas, DDR was RRD (really really dead... domier made that acronym up, it still cracks me up...) because they were messing with passwords and general DDR maintenance... saddening. So then at some point we came back and it was... RRR! Really really ressurrected! So we played, but had to switch off with people who were pretty good, but still at the hobby level... not psycho tim ho who is the DDR god of the union.

So we played, my legs are a bit sore now, and I cannot even hope to do the "light" mode anytime soon... but anyhow then I left to go to cello, and our post school funtimes were over. But we realized that we can go during free periods. Muahah. Except not on Monday cuz I have another jockusch date (RETEST... i'm so glad i can do that... not that it will make my grade be an A, but yeah). DDR is ... j-pop fun.

So enough with the "this is what happens to me" mode, except to say that ppl went to The Perfect Score on saturday and that was quite entertaining. All the SAT acronyms: suck-ass test, scholastic achievement test, stoned and toasted, sick and twisted... that was great.

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the Beatles coming to america (ed sullivan anyone?), very important landmark for our beatles class, mochiron. And the Pynk Pyritz will strike again, tonight, at this Wine Tasting thing (ay, need some rum, yoho!), and the setup is basically that we play for 45 minutes, then we eat for half an hour (FOODFOODFOOD... no wine though, saddening, I know... there's rumor that there will be a CHOCOLATE tray or something... meehehe), and hten play for another 45 minutes. We're playing love songs and italian music, plus some of the usual good classical stuff. And it's only $65 to get in! Although I assume that's for the wine, not for us :) We still don't know when we're playing on V-day.

If you don't want to see us play on Valentines day, then I have a still very worthwile activity for you: Lizzie McGuire 6 hour marathon. With a "new" episode at the end.... hmmmm... Hilary Duff is going to be in a teenybopper type movie coming out in August called "A Cinderella Story" with the one guy from that crazy weird psycho teen WB show called One Tree Hill. It's seriously the most whacked show I've ever seen in my life. Also, if you're bored on V-day you could go make out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but I advise to use this as a last resort, seeing as the other two options are so much more entertaining. Romance is for losers!

And if anyone has some.. erm... vacant ideas for the Emma pastiche, i'd love to hear them. Pastiche sounds liek a creamy croisant filled with like, strawberry sauce type stuff, it sounds very appetizing. Unfortunately, it's just an english assignment.

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