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Monday, February 02, 2004

...groundhog day...

After being completely cut off from civilization for four days, it feels good to STOP PLAYING POKEMON.

Ahh... communication, my favorite!

Okay, so see I got sick Thursday night (what fun) and so no school Friday, which I was mildly pleased about, although I felt really crappy and that made up for it. I continued in my sickiness through Saturday and Sunday, and even today -- again no school.

Unfortunately all this didn't mean I just hung out online all day. Even when I was well enough to. Because of GERMS! Yes the evil germs that I am not allowed to pass to my brother, even though he doesn't touch this computer. All the infection I was spreading, it was just so dangerous, and so basically I had vanished off the face of the earth for a few days. No computer. No TV. But I did play Pokemon Red for Gameboy color for get this: 12 hours. In one weekend. How COMPLETELY SICK is that?

And the game now has an issue. I defeated Misty, that little biiiaatch, and the game says I should get the Cut capability now, but I don't see that I got it in my items. SO IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!! AUGH! Nevermind that the only real goal in that game is to go all the way through and then get to Indigo Plateau and then lose about 39 million times, give up, and delete yourself. So maybe it's good this way. But still. I GOT THEM UP TO LEVEL 25!!!! Training! It took sooo long...

I KNOW. I KNOW. It's worrisome. I've heard that enough from my family members.

And BTW, the concert on thursday was rawking awesome. And I got my rosin signed.

mo posted at 8:21 PM.