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Tuesday, February 03, 2004


That adjective would be best used to describe: Dimitri. Because DIMITRI IS SEXY. OBVIOUSLY! And most of you people probably don't know him, and that's your own problem. Or perhaps he has OCD and just likes to say that word quite a bit. SExYsexy.

How do you get insta-popularity? Don't go to school for a few days! When you come back, you get greeted by a chorus of "*insert your name here*". It's just amazing.

"Did you have a revolu-- I mean... a fever? Or did you have a Spanish Ulcer?"

History jokes are so fun. So are chem jokes:

If you don't have a life, maybe you can get a half-life. All you need to do is a little DATING.

Or even possibly MATH JOKES???!??!?! I wouldn't say we're going that far, just indescribable feelings of excitement at math homework. Math-amazing. Math miracles? Maybe even a math marathon!

I liked maciek's shirt(s) today. They were very cool. But I will not comment more, because it's time to go. I'm sorry for a disconnected post, but really, some people need to stop stressing out and realize that as long as you look good, everything will be ok. Advice: Don't invade Russia, and don't cross the street in the middle of the block.

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