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Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Okay so yesterday I had no math joke for you but today I most certainly do.

So I was gonna take my math test that I needed to make up 5th period, so Jockusch was like, "So, Mo, I have a date with you after lunch" and I'm like "yeah..." and Noam goes, "Maybe you guys will get to second BASE!!!" Because we were talking about logarithms in math class and how they have different bases. OMFG IT'S SO HILARIOUS. Yeah, I know you're thrilled too.

Excerpts from me and Ian's convo:

me: you're obsesssssssssssssssed w/ girls
ian: oh yes!
ian: no way
ian: ....
me: yeah i know
ian: not obsesed....
me: mmmmmmmmmmmhmmm
ian: hahah
me: ninja turtles
ian: are dope...
me: da sex
ian: on wheels
me: the musical
ian: genius!
me: yepo
ian: *Da Sex On Wheels -The Musical* coming to Virginia Theaters on febuary 14th
me: haha
me: they will have huge posters
me: on billboards
ian: i know
ian: w/ naked pictures of me!
ian: on wheels!

Apparently Ariana is in bunches of Ian's classes now. Which reminds me that I haven't seen Ariana in oogles of time. And more importantly, that she has not been online at the same times I have. Hmph.

So the class of 2005 has colonized the class of 2007, but 2007 is trying to declare independence...

By the way, all of this was actually written on February 4th, contrary to what time it says I got around to physically publishing this thing.

mo posted at 9:20 PM.